Linsanity Night at the Bobcats!

Jeremy Lin and the Rockets will visit the Bobcats on Monday, March 24!

Join the Havard Club of Charlotte to attend the game and see Harvard's very own Jeremy Lin on the court! We are also excited to announce that we will be having a meet-and-greet with Lin before hand. See our Facebook page for more details on the meet-and-greet. 

Like last year, you can purchase a ticket through this linkand use the special offer code 'BUZZ', to sit with other members of our club (there are tickets blocked off together for us). You will have two options, either a $52 ticket or a $38 ticket. If you would like a cheaper ticket, or want to be closer to the court, you can contact Jeff Gibbons at the Bobcats: jgibbons@bobcats.com704-688-9044.